Looking to sell your car and want to be able to get the best price?


Are you looking to sell your car and would like to be able to get the best price possible for it?


Our Deep Clean package is our popular package for just this.


This S3 was brought to ELH Detailing from a customer in Salisbury to get it in the best condition ready for its next owner. We also noticed that the alloy wheels could do with a refurb and the customer agreed which we sorted for them as well.


The Deep Clean starts off with a wheel clean but because they were being refurbed, we didn’t have to go too far with these. We move onto the wheel arches and door sills. Then we move on to the pre clean and contact wash. After this has been done, we then carry out a decontamination wash to get the imbedded iron and tar deposits clinging onto the paint and then fish off with another wash to ensure all chemicals are off the car.


It is then taken inside our studio based in Whiteparish to be dried and jacked up so the alloys could be taken off and delivered to the alloy wheel refurb business. These were diamond cut so we used a specialist that had the capabilities to diamond cut the alloys and get them looking good as new.


Once back on the car, we moved on to the interior and started by getting majority of rubbish off the matts and seats before we started the steam cleaning process. We use steam to eliminate all imbedded dirt and grim so once we finish, we have a factory fresh trim that isn’t shinny or built up with dirt.


To finish off the car, we went round with a wax to give it some form of protection and would stay cleaner for longer.


The car could have done with paint correction as there were some scratches on the paint work, but the customer did not want to go ahead with this.


When it comes to selling your car, you will always get more money for it if it is clean and looking appealing. If you two identical cars, one was dirty, rubbish on the inside and smelt horrendous. Then another that was immaculate, then you would most certainly pay more for the immaculate one over the dirty one.


If you wish to know more, please drop us an email or a phone call and we would be more than happy to discuss this with you

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