• Full clean of wheels including face front and back and the barrels. Tyres and arches cleaned and dressed.

• Pre wash applied the vehicle to breakdown the dirt followed by a layer of snow foam to lift and remove the grime from the car.

• Using a soft detailing brush and some All-purpose cleaner, all the gaps and edges are given some agitation to lift the dirt from the hard to reach areas.

• Then onto the Contact wash, using two buckets, two grit guards and two mitts we contact wash the vehicle ensuring the safest wash possible.

• The vehicle is then dried using a luxury drying towel/warm air blower.

• 6 month protection is then applied to the paintwork, wheels and glass.

• Tyres are then dressed to finish the exterior.


• Interior is given a thorough hoover to remove and dirt, dust or rubbish.

• All plastics are given a clean and left with protection.

• Leather is cleaned using a dedicated leather cleaner and a soft bristled detailing brush.

• Car is left with hanging air freshener or luxury spray scent.

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