Leather Repair on a Range Rover


This Range Rover belongs to a Southampton customer that has been with us for over a year now for our car detailing services, we regularly maintain their car.

Worn Leather?

We were made aware of the worn leather on the driver’s side door and after many attempts of trying to find someone to carry out the work and being unsuccessful, we made the decision to book ourselves on a course with Cartec and then provide the service ourselves. With our attention to detail in what we do with detailing / valeting it was definitely a decision we knew would bring more value to you!

Our First Leather Repair Job in Southampton

This was the first job booked in for leather repair and this is how we carried out the work.

First of all the section need to be cleaned and made sure it was free of any grime and ready for the process. Once this was done, we sanded down the target area to make sure there was no raised up bits of leather and anything that would stick out once the work was finished.

We then laid down a thin layer of putty to fill the damaged area. Once that had set and hardened, we went over with the sandpaper to ensure the area was consistently flat. Once we had this completed it was then time for pigmentation.

Leather Colour Matching – Leather Repair Service Southampton

Because the leather colour is beige, it can take a while to find the right shade and ensuring it matches the other parts of the leather interior. Once we had it at the right shade and blending in perfect, it was time to start the full pigmentation process.

After we had the target area covered, we then lay down the final product which applies a protective layer over the top to ensure a perminate fixing. This area going forward can be treated like any other leather interior and be cleaned without the worry of the product coming off.

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