BMW M2 Competition – Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating


We had this BMW M2 Competition in with us for some much needed work on the paint as well as getting it protected ready for the harsh winter months approaching.

The condition of the paint had seen better days due to bird poo etching, swirls and scratches. We carried out a thorough wash including decontamination wash and clay barred to ensure that when we corrected the paint, there was nothing clinging on to it. 

With a cutting compound and pad, we went to work and we had amazing results with the combination used. 

With the paint corrected, we sealed it all off with ceramic coating that will give protection for up to 5years (also comes with a warranty) and not only protecting the paint but increasing the levels of gloss.

This left is looking like glass and the customer was amazed at it when they picked it up.

If you would like to know more or book straight in then please drop us an email or call us on 02382 516321 

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